Mail-in Voting Problems May Foreshadow Difficulties in Upcoming Presidential Vote

(by Matthew Vadum, The Epoch Times, July 14, 2020)

The unique problems posed by voting-by-mail are being blamed for election fraud in New Jersey and for a now-three-week delay in counting ballots for New York City’s primary elections, with many races yet to be decided.

These difficulties may foreshadow larger problems to come in the November presidential elections.

The processing backlog in the Big Apple wouldn’t necessarily be a big concern normally, but with voters worried about contracting the CCP virusfrom casting ballots in-person, voting-by-mail was reportedly unusually heavy in the city’s electoral contests.

Officials can’t keep up.

“In Manhattan in 2016, there were approximately 7,000 presidential primary absentee voters,” ABC News quoted Sarah Steiner, who used to chair the New York City Bar’s Election Law Committee. “And you had Hillary [Clinton] and Bernie [Sanders]. That was a competitive [Democratic Party] primary.”

But in 2020, absentee primary votes in Manhattan increased to more than 121,000.

And in New Jersey, Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal, a Democrat, charged four Continue reading “Mail-in Voting Problems May Foreshadow Difficulties in Upcoming Presidential Vote”

Intersecting Rallies at Statehouse Precursor for Fall Campaigns

Over the July 18 weekend, several members of Free Ohio Now (FON) went to Columbus to meet up with 100’s of enthusiastic, like-minded Ohioans to push back against the mask mandate and to exercise our rights to protest! What brought us all together at the Ohio Statehouse were two separate rallies: ‘Anti-Mask Civil Disobedience Rally’, which was immediately followed by the ‘Stand for America Against Terrorists and Tyrants’ rally and was sponsored by the Ohio Patriot Action Network.

During the Civil Disobedience rally, Dave D., one of our FON county leaders, to center stage to lead the crowd in chants and to talk about and reinforce how our Constitutional rights are being violated by the mask mandate. Dave also handed his megaphone over to many others in the

crowd so they, too, could talk about important issues to those in attendance. Through Dave’s efforts, the rally was a success!

The ‘Stand for America Against Terrorists and Tyrants’ rally was well attended and many people spoke about their personal experience with the shutdown and issues wearing masks. Several candidates for political office, regular Ohioans and at least one medical professional spoke at the event. Tom Hach, FON, spoke to the rally about the importance Continue reading “Intersecting Rallies at Statehouse Precursor for Fall Campaigns”

No Masks, Don’t Ask

Painesville, OH – You don’t have to wait for someone else to organize an anti-mask rally.  You can get together with people you know and do it yourself!!

On Friday, July 10, some anti-mask activists had a Peaceful Flash Protest outside the Lake County Administrative Offices.  Lake County does not currently have a mask mandate, but concerned members of the community wanted to let their elected and appointed officials know that the science does not support mandatory masks and that the consequences of wearing masks (accumulation of carbon dioxide, microbes accumulating on masks, etc.) have their own risks.  Start taking the reins yourself on activities which push back against unconstitutional, unwarranted and scientifically unsupported actions by state and local officials!