Free Ohio Now Leader Speaks at “Unifying Ohio for Liberty Rally”

Free Ohio Now (FON) was honored to participate in Unifying Ohio for Liberty Rally at the Ohio Statehouse on the afternoon of Saturday, August 29. The rally was sponsored by the group Unifying Ohio, which formed in response to the unconstitutional shutdown and face mask mandate much in same way as FON was formed back in March.

There was a modest, but very enthusiastic crowd, and there were several terrific speakers including Ohio Representatives John Becker, who introduced articles of impeachment against Governor DeWine last week in the Ohio House, and Candice Keller, who is a co-sponsor of the articles of impeachment. Both Representatives drove home the point Governor DeWine violated the Ohio Constitution in several ways including by the cancelling the March 17, 2020 election as well as the Governor’s refusal to rein in the Ohio Department of Health, which clearly violated the law in shutting down the Ohio economy. As the articles of impeachment were read off, the crowd cheered in response.

Among many others speaking at the event, was ‘Mo’ from The Walk Away Movement and he gave a very powerful talk about his evolution from being a gang member in LA, who hated whites, to understanding individualism, personal responsibility and that the Democrat Party only cares Continue reading “Free Ohio Now Leader Speaks at “Unifying Ohio for Liberty Rally””