Signing the dotted line to fight tyranny

COLUMBIANA, OH—Hundreds of people came from six counties in the region to gather on April 23, 2021 for a petition signing on the corner of routes 7 and 46 in Columbiana county. This event was made possible by the efforts of Sherry Kissinger and her family. Previously, Sherry volunteered for, scheduled, and implemented Angels for Animals events in Columbiana county and surrounding areas. She also raised money for the flood victims in Oklahoma.  Kissinger, and her husband Dave, have been involved in community activities for the last twelve years, but turned their effort to the re-election of President Trump during the months prior to the 2020 election. Sherry participated in and coordinated various rallies and Trump Trains and made and posted signs for the Trump campaign at football games, county events, and parades.  

Moving onward, Sherry developed the petitions that contained fighting against Governor DeWine’s tyrannical mandates, making Ohio a second amendment sanctuary state, and supporting Convention of States because she “loved Trump’s views and wanted to be more active in her own state.”  Debbie Pugh, a volunteer at the event, served up hot dogs and apple pie with a smile to nearly five hundred people. In the past, Debbie also helped with Angels for Animals, but felt compelled to volunteer for the petition event.  When asked why she helped with the event, Debbie shared, “I wanted to help save America. We can’t just do nothing; we have to do something.”  Over the course of seven hours, there were nearly five hundred signatures collected.  A steady stream people came and went, talking with friends, neighbors, and like-minded people. 

 Long lines with long waits didn’t seem to bother these peaceful and pleasant people.  Many shared their concerns about election integrity and Governor DeWine’s unconstitutional perpetuation of the state of emergency regarding the Covid-19 response. Participants seemed excited at the availability of free online information.  Jamie K. staffed a table of information for the group Free Ohio Now ( ), which is an active group of citizens spread out around Ohio who came into existence in the Spring of 2020 in response to the unlawful government mandates. Information was also available about the lawsuit sponsored by Ohio Stands Up!  People also snagged Free pocket Constitutions provided by Hillsdale College.  

This patriot gathering afforded attendees a special opportunity to interact with guests such as Candidate for Ohio Governor, Joe Blystone, and the Executive Director of Free Ohio Now, Tom Hach.  I had the pleasure of interviewing both of these guests.  When asked what the point in these local gatherings of like-minded people is, Mr. Blystone answered, “Patriotism, getting people together to fight for our country, bringing back godliness, bringing back patriotism, standing up for what our founding fathers meant our country to be.”  Responding to the same question, the Executive Director of Free Ohio Now, Tom Hach answered, “There is nothing more important than the freedom of speech…. because we need people to come together, band together, and work together in order to have an impact.” 

 Free hot dogs and an apple pie were enjoyed by participants, resulting in a fun, educational, and interesting time for those who attended.  Under the sunshine of a partly cloudy day, eager and concerned citizens from Columbiana, Mahoning, Trumbull, Portage, Stark, and Jefferson counties stood in line for up to an hour to put their names on the dotted line to help fight against tyrannical government and to invoke change.  While the winds of change were blowing in the state of Ohio, a community of conservatives gathered at the informative patriot petition signing.  Additional petition signings are being planned for various locations in Columbiana county including East Palestine, Lisbon, Salem, and East Liverpool.  

Take Action: Support President Huddle!

Take Action today to SUPPORT President Huddle.

Send email to the OSBA Trustees TODAY, Friday, May 7, 2021.

We must take a stand and let the powers that be throughout Ohio know we will not tolerate Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in Ohio’s Schools!  


In a nutshell, the goal of CRT advocates is to divide Americans by race, and to use this division to permanently achieve political supremacy.  They do this by duping Americans into seeing themselves not as individuals with inalienable rights, but as members of a race which is in a permanent struggle of survival against all other races.  Rather than trying to fix the root causes of societal ills, CRT uses guilt, past wrongs, and propaganda to assign the blame for the problems of one race by placing them on another thereby fomenting distrust, hate and civil strife.  

To help you get a sense of the distorted outcomes CRT promotes, here is a portion of a poem written by an Ohio teacher:  

“I am ashamed of my white privileged skin. Ashamed of my white brothers and sisters with their small minds killing my innocent brothers and sisters because of a color.”

You can find more about CRT here and here.


Mr. Scott Huddle has taken a courageous stand by speaking out against using CRT in Ohio’s schools.  

Who is Scott Huddle?  He is the President of the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA), which is a member-driven advocacy organization for over 600 of Ohio’s school districts.  As a result of his just and brave stance regarding CRT, some OSBA members are calling for his resignation from OSBA.  You can find out more details about this disgraceful situation here.  

CALL TO ACTION:  EMAIL the OSBA Trustees  TODAY, Friday, May 7, 2021.

We cannot let truth tellers like Scott Huddle stand alone.  You must join with every like-minded parent and citizen and let the 32 OSBA Trustees (listed below) know you support Scott Huddle and reject Cancel Culture.  Below is the suggested email for the Trustees, and you can use this suggested subject line “Support President Huddle”:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dear OSBA Trustee,

I am writing to express my support of OSBA President Scott Huddle. According to news sources, President Huddle is under attack for comments he made regarding his concerns about Critical Race Theory. I share his concerns.

Our children should not be educated in a manner that is racially divisive, or that teaches them to judge differences in skin color instead of content of character. I am opposed to any local, state or federal requirement that would force a local school district to incorporate critical race theory into their instruction.  

President Huddle should be applauded for his courage and leadership, and I urge you to extend your support to him as well. I will be contacting my local school board members to share this information with them, and to encourage them to ensure that their membership in OSBA aligns with the beliefs and values of their constituency.



(Insert Your Name)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Insert this string of trustee email addresses in the To: line and press send:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thank you for doing your part in “Fighting the New Normal!”


Free Ohio Now Team

OSBA Trustee List
CENTRAL REGION School District
Renda M. Cline, Mansfield City
Lee Schreiner, South-Western City
Kevin Archer, Teays Valley Local (Pickaway)
Dr. Marguerite Bennett, Knox County Career Center
Leslie Schneider, Marion City
Robert Ragland, South-Western City
Tina Pierce, Columbus City
Albert Haberstroh, Trumbull Career and Technical Center
Robert M. Heard Sr., Cleveland Municipal
Sally S Green, Tuscarawas Valley Local (Tuscarawas)
Doug G Stuart, Rittman Exempted Village
Susie Lawson, Wayne County Schools Career Center
Bruce Alexander, Akron City
Terry Groden, North Olmsted City
Lisa Thomas, Cleveland Municipal
Thomas Patterson, Sandusky City
Carol-Ann Molnar, Oregon City
Christopher Widman, Tiffin City
Bob Vasquez, Toledo City
Chris Varwig, Toledo City
Kevin Landin Ottoville Local (Putnam)
Amy Kissinger, Cambridge City
Ed Penrod, Tri-County Career Center
Terry Halley, Gallia County Local (Gallia)
Kim Harless, Jackson City
Fred Hunt, Great Oaks Career Campuses
Scott E Huddle, Mad River Local (Montgomery)
Terry Gibson, Great Oaks Career Campuses
Lynda O’Connor, Lakota Local (Butler)
Mary Cleveland, Great Oaks Career Campuses
Bobbie Grice, Little Miami Local (Warren)
Carolyn Jones, Cincinnati Public