5 Ways to STOP Endorsement of DeWine

Don’t be cheated by the Ohio Republican State Central Committee

On Friday, December 3rd, the Ohio Republican State Central Committee (SCC) is meeting.  They will try to make endorsements for the May 2022 Primary Election in the US senate, Ohio governor and the other statewide office races. If the SCC makes endorsements, the endorsed candidates get Ohio Republican Party money, donor lists, administrative support and much more, making it almost impossible for unendorsed candidates to win the Primary Election.


The Primary Election is for WE, THE REPUBLICAN BASE VOTERS, to decide who we want to represent us in the November, 2022 general election. We, the members of Free Ohio Now, represent MILLIONS of Ohio Republican voters.  We need to tell the 66 members of the SCC it is not their job to tip the scales to favor the most entrenched and establishment candidates (like DeWine), who often disregard their oaths, the will of the Republican base, and the US and Ohio Constitutions once in office.

There are several options about how you can participate in stopping endorsements (especially of DeWine) before the 2022 Primary Election.

It’s time for you to pick actions below and DO THEM. 
The SCC needs to hear from us.  They are supposed to work for us, not the political party bosses.

First, copy and paste the sample message into a new email on your computer or phone along with any changes you want to make to the message.  Then COPY and PASTE the list of email addresses for the SCC Men into the TO: line, and ADD “Do Not Endorse!‘ to the Subject line and HIT SEND.  Next please do the same with the email addresses for the SCC  Women.

Text the SCC members “Do not endorse!”   Here is the list  of SCC members and their cell numbers.  Link to list can also be reached below.

Here is the list of phone numbers of the SCC members.  CALL them today.

You can also peacefully protest at the SCC meeting on Friday, December 3rd and then attend the SCC meeting afterwards. 

SCC Meeting Details:

Address:  Nationwide Conference Center, 100 Green Meadows Drive S, Lewis Center, Ohio  43035  (CLICK for MAP)
Protest Location: Conference Center entrance off Green Meadows Drive S
Date:  Friday, December 3, 2021
Time:  8:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Sign message ideas:Do Not Endorse, Let Us Decide, Don’t Usurp My Vote,  Stop Endorsements, Let The Voters Decide, Endorsing: Not Your Job, Don’t Steal My Vote, Stop the Corruption, etc!

The SCC meeting is open to the public.  After the peaceful protest, go to the meeting. 
Note:  Do not bring signs inside or be disruptive during the meeting.

Republican State Central Committee Men

COPY this block of addresses in the TO: line of your email message.

recscorp711@aol.com, mwagoner@slk-law.com, bradmccloud@hotmail.com, gwcates@aol.com, Sbruns@Brunsgc.com, amcguiresr@gmail.com, bobmcewen@cfnp.org, judgealext@gmail.com, jamesmcnulty@gmail.com, steveaustria@gmail.com, bar-buddies@juno.com, chairman@allencountyohiogop.com, davidar333@gmail.com, gregsimpson@fuse.net, jim@jimb3.com,
mark.a.bainbridge@gmail.com, philbow2@gmail.com, mike@ppcohio.net, jack.etheridge@wileyco.com, ph@putnamtruckload.net, miller9977@roadrunner.com, bill.batchelder@gmail.com, robfrost2012@gmail.com, shannon@victorysolutions.us, dancartersr@gmail.com, gary@garyclick.com,
bwilliams@summitcountygop.org, Jsimon@bdblaw.com, cbpolitical@gmail.com,
sencarnes@aol.com, dwills@tusco.net, caseyobrien@hotmail.com, dwjohnson@summitville.com,

Republican State Central Committee Women

COPY this block of addresses in the TO: line of your email message.

recscorp711@aol.com, dhtalmage@bex.net, jadavidson@ameritech.net, pattialder@aol.com,
nettie81669@gmail.com, judew1000@gmail.com, mgs8750@gmail.com, christim@fuse.net,
votelindamatthews2021@gmail.com, larosenbrgr@att.net, donmowe@sbcglobal.net, kathleendeland@gmail.com, pstein@scstrategicsolutions.com, gloriahope24601@gmail.com,
susiepobrien@gmail.com, bonnielward@yahoo.com, okcats2@yahoo.com, mellen5288@outlook.com,
angeladwhite@gmail.com, rodmanreal@aol.com, joann.campbell@yahoo.com, dorisrpeters@yahoo.com, lucygop@aol.com, dverdi0713@hotmail.com, weeta912@gmail.com, katchison48@gmail.com, debbwalsh@aol.com, sarah.brown62@yahoo.com, leeann.johnson@suddenlink.net, agbdm@aol.com, the_pope_03@yahoo.com, mlrobb17@gmail.com

Please EMAIL, TEXT, CALL the members of the Republican SCC today.  Click below to get FULL LIST of 66 members. 


 Dear Republican State Central Committee Member ________,

It has come to my attention that during the upcoming Ohio Republican State Central Committee meeting on Friday, December 3rd, the committee will be voting on candidate endorsements for the May, 2022 Primary including in the US senate, Ohio governor and other statewide races as well.


The Primary is for the base of the Republican Party to determine who they want to represent them during the 2022 General Election, and you should not squelch the base by supporting State Central Committee endorsements. Additionally, some members of the State Central Committee are DeWine political appointees, and everyone should be against them voting on endorsing DeWine for governor.  Allowing these members to do so is a conflict-of-interest because they would literally be undermining the majority of the party’s base for personal gain. This is as morally wrong and corrupt as quid pro quo bribery!

Be better than this, and do not endorse in the Primary Election! Let the voters decide who they want to represent them in November 2022!

Sincerely, ___________________________

(End of Sample Message)