Ohioans Defending Freedom August Meeting

Our guest speakers include Dr. Douglas Frank who has worked with Mike Lindell to uncover the election fraud from the 2020 elections and Joanna Swallen who is running as Joe Blystone’s Lieutenant Governor for 2022. This is also a good drive so please bring a canned food item for donation to the Cleveland Food Bank.

Across Ohio: Redistricting Meetings Week of August 23


Patriots need to attend redistricting meetings across Ohio the week of August 23rd to support  Republicans so they are not bullied into giving the Communists, who now run the Democrat Party, more political influence then they have earned via the ballot box.

What am I talking about?  Every ten (10) years the legislative districts for the Ohio General Assembly and Congressional seats are redrawn based on the newest US Census.  The redistricting process in Ohio was changed in 2018 by an amendment to the Ohio Constitution, and, more details on the new process can be found here.

Tom ‘Z’ Zawistowski, President, We the People Convention, wrote an article on the stakes next week:

Lefties in Ohio are Planning to Intimidate Republicans during critical Redistricting Process!

Got this in an email this morning from the Communists who falsely claim the name “We are Ohio” when they are anything but representatives of Ohio values. You probably don’t know that Chief Racist Commie Eric Holder and the other Obama comrades are going to try to pressure weak “Republicans” across the nation into Gerrymander Congressional Districts in THEIR FAVOR by claiming that the “Racist Republicans” are Gerrymandering them in their own favor and how that’s “not fair.” When the Left would be screwing us to the wall if they were in charge! Remember Saul Alinsky’s main rule – “Always accuse your enemies of what you are doing!”

You can find the rest of Tom Z’s article here.

When you attend the meetings near you, here are some talking points you can use:

  • When they bring up EQUITY and EQUAL OUTCOME, bring up that this about FAIRNESS and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY
  • Say they are demanding is disproportionate representation that they have not earned at the ballot box!
  • The reality is Ohio is more Republican (redder) than it was in 2010
  • Ohio is losing one seat, based on the November, 2020 map the right answer is 13 Republican seats and 2 Democrat seats in Congress!
  • They don’t want fairness, they want an advantage!
  • Quote President Obama, ‘Elections have consequences’

Here is the list of the Ohio public hearings, places and times.  Pick location.     Go to meeting.   




SENECA: GOP Judicial Fundraiser

Seneca County GOP Judicial Fundraiser with keynote speaker:  US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.  Meadowbrook Park Ballroom 5430 W. Tiffin Street in Bascom, Ohio  44809.

FRANKLIN: DeWine Bribery Picnic Cancelled: Attend Press Conference at 4:30 PM


Please help to get the word out about the protest on
Tuesday, August 17th at the Governor’s Mansion located at:
358 N. Parkview Ave. Bexley, Ohio 43209

On August 17th, the Governor and First Lady are throwing a ‘Summer Picnic’ for the State Republican Central Committee Members for the purpose of influencing DeWine’s endorsement for the September 11th, State Central Committee Meeting and to ensure that criminal charges are not brought up on David Johnson and Bob Paduchik for illegally funneling money to the DeWine campaign when he was not an endorsed candidate.

“The Ohio Republican Party (ORP) has given the 2022 re-election campaign of Governor Mike DeWine (R-OH) $870,968 since January 1, 2021, despite the fact that DeWine has two announced primary challengers for the Republican gubernatorial nomination – former Congressman Jim Renacci (R-OH) and Joe Blystone.”

Keep in mind that the donations made to Mike DeWine were a deliberate deception that was intentionally hidden by the party elites. Bob Paduchik and David Johnson should have known better. At best – this is theft, and at worst, it is embezzlement. If the State Central Committee has any backbone at all, they will purge these two from the party and file charges.

DeWine and Paduchick don’t seem to be sweating it, as they have invited the entire State Central Committee to a picnic to stroke their egos and pay them off.

A protest is being organized on Tuesday, August 17th at the Governor’s Mansion.

We need Ohioans to show up in LARGE NUMBERS to:

1) DEMAND Criminal charges be brought against Bob Paduchik & David Johnson!

2) DEMAND a State Convention be held to replace Bob Paduchik, Elect a New Chairman!

3) DEMAND they stop the fix to endorse DeWine!


LAKE: Protest at Lake County Health Board – Say ‘No’ to mask mandates

Come join us to speak up and show our presence at the county level against masks.  The Lake County General Health District just sent a note late last week to Lake County mayors stating we are in ‘Red Status.’  This means additional measures may be taken against the ‘variant’.  Come and let the LCGHD board know that it is time for us to learn to live with the COVID-19 virus and variants and live our lives normally again.   Let your voice be heard!