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2021 EVENT CALENDAR lists events sponsored by Ohio liberty groupsEvery day it seems as if there is another liberty group which has been banned from social media or has had it’s reach diminished by the social media censors.  In Ohio, it has happened to Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom  (OAMF), very likely to Patriots America, and to countless individuals like you and me.  While the FON website cannot replace social media, we can lessen the impact of the censoring by serving as an EVENT INFORMATION HUB for liberty groups throughout Ohio, just as we did during the 2020 election.  As a case in point, Patriot America has an event this Saturday morning, June 12, from 10 to 12 in Preble County with Massey Campos.  You can find all the event details here.  

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You can submit them self-serve on the website form here.  Also, please forward this message to event leaders in your county.Step 1 – Visit the Free Ohio Now 2021 Event Calendar webpage: 2 – Scroll to bottom of page.  Together, we can make difference!  

In earlier communications, we have talked about the Liberty Action Network (LAN).  It is a project Kirsten and I have been working on along with Liberty Mel and Coach Dave.  In a nutshell, the concept of the LAN is to bring leaders from various liberty groups across Ohio together to share ideas and to unite by supporting each other’s Calls to Action.  To make the network more effective, we created five regions:  Northeast, Northwest, Central, Southwest and Southeast, and each region will be led two (2) regional captains.  The captains will lead regular meetings for  leaders in their respective regions to exchange ideas.  The captains will comprise the LAN Council which will get support from the LAN Admin team (Kirsten, Liberty Mel, Coach Dave and me(Tom)).  The aim is to put more steel on the same targets.  Heaven knows there are plenty of targets which need all of our attention including your attention.

To get the LAN up and running, the LAN Admin team has held several regional organizational meetings to explain the concepts behind the LAN, including recruiting volunteers to serve as interim regional captains through December 31, 2021.  As this is being written, we have had regional meetings for the Southeast, Northwest, Northeast and Southwest regions, with a meeting for the central region planned for next week!  We are very excited about this and believe this is building the vehicle in which we can invest our time, effort and money to earn our freedom back!  More to come!

TAKE time to WATCH this.  This is where the U.S.A. headed if we don’t get our crap together.

Jordan Peterson interviewed Yeonmi Park, defector from North Korea.  Click to hear this young woman’s incredible story.  It is “an unforgettable, horrifying and prescient conversation about human cruelty, fortitude, real tyranny, personal responsibility, ignorance, and the likely consequences of our profound lack of appreciation for Liberty”.  Quick Notes click here.
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