Rally Around Ohio Beyond Expectations

Ohio – Thank you to all who attended the Rally Around Ohio events held throughout the state today, Saturday, May 9th.  Without your participation in the rallies, Columbus would not know the level of frustration in all corners of the State with the stay-at-home order and the resulting stalled economy!  Search the internet using key words ‘Rally Around Ohio’ and look at all of the coverage!  If Gov. DeWine and Dr. Acton did not get our collective message, it is because they do not care to hear it!

Free Ohio Now’s Rally Around Ohio coordinator wants to thank the 34 volunteer county coordinators and their local support teams for pulling together their events on such short notice.  From start to finish, the Rally Around Ohio event was planned and successfully conducted IN JUST 9 DAYS!  The fact that so much was accomplished so quickly is a tribute to the dedication and talent of the county event coordinators.  These county leaders should also be praised for their dedication to restoring the rights of the people of Ohio, for wanting to help their unemployed neighbors by encouraging the immediate opening of all Ohio’s business, and for their desire to ensure that all government data is released so an honest assessment of the crisis can be made of the actions of our elected and appointed officials.

Thank you again for all you do in the name of liberty and freedom!

We will have a full report on the Rally Around Ohio once we get the reports in from the counties.  

Thank you again for an unbelievable multi-county rally yesterday! Free Ohio Now defends the Bill of Rights for every Ohioan against local and state government overreach by advocating freedom and personal responsibility. 

Caption for image: Lorain County protesters listen to speakers before heading out to wave flags and their handmade signs at busy intersection in Avon, Ohio.

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