Rally Around Ohio to Commemorate Memorial Day

Cleveland, Ohio, May 19, 2020 – Free Ohio Now announces Memorial Day Remembrance Rallies! With many public Memorial Day Remembrance events canceled across Ohio this year, Free Ohio Now strongly believes honoring the memory of those Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our Constitutional rights, individual freedoms, and way of life is too important to pass without tribute.

To honor our fallen soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors, peaceful rallies will be held in counties across Ohio this Saturday, May 23 at 1:00 pm or at specific afternoon hours as arranged by individual counties. People attending the rallies are asked to bring American flags, to dress in red, white and blue and to make signs to honor our fallen. Check https://www.freeohionow.com for details on what’s happening in each county.


In a statement by Tom Hach, Free Ohio Now Core Team member: “The sacrifices made by over 1.4 Million Americans since the founding of our country to defend our freedoms is observed every year, and this year should NOT be any different. Every man and woman who died in the cause of defending freedom confronted the horror of battle and every Ohioan should recognize the great cost of liberty and the gifts of individual selfless valor that have shaped America.” Please participate in honoring our fallen heroes by attending a county rally on Saturday, May 23 and by observing a moment of silence on Monday, May 25.


Free Ohio Now demands a better future for Ohio!

  • Rescind the State of Emergency Order and the Safe (Stay) at Home Order in Ohio immediately.

  • Release all Coronavirus data and cease all contact tracing efforts.

  • Open all Ohio businesses now and without restrictions.

  • Continue with in-person voting in November, 2020, and beyond.

  • Pass laws to prevent unconstitutional statewide quarantines of healthy individuals.

Free Ohio Now strongly believes enough is now known about the at-risk segments of the population who are most vulnerable to Coronavirus, including the elderly and those with already compromised health, to show continuing the State of Emergency and Safe (Stay) at Home Orders for the general public are no longer justified. These sanctions need to be lifted immediately for all low-risk Ohioans so they can achieve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as they see fit!

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