RICHLAND: A Conversation with Stephanie Stock

Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom (OAMF) president Stephanie Stock will be joining us for our bi-monthly meeting! Stephanie has been fighting for medical freedom in Ohio for many many years and she is an expert on the topic.

We are honored that she is coming to speak with us and we will be discussing topics of how to pass legislation, our fight for hb248, and finding people to run for office. There are a lot of hurdles we must surpass but we are WARRIORS! We hope that our meeting will inspire you and move us forward on the mission to protect medical freedom in Ohio.

We have been developing a script for finding Liberty minded businesses, inquiring if they’re hiring, and finding out if their owners are interested in running for office. There are so many positions that need filled across the state. We’ll be doing a mini training session on how to use the script and fill in the master spreadsheets for our area.

We will also be discussing some potential leads we have found in Richland County!

Our event will be held at Healthy Transformations in downtown Mansfield! Light snacks and water provided. Please RSVP to the Facebook event so we can get a headcount for seating arrangements!

RICHLAND: OhioHealth Sign Line Protest

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18th 1:45pm – 4pm

What OhioHealth wants to do is inexcusable. Accepting students but intending on firing employees because of the you know what? Claiming to be a faith based organization, yet denying hundreds of religious exemptions because they’re “not good enough” at the very last minuet. The people of Mansfield MUST know what this local hospital is doing, despite no longer being forced by CMS. They may have paused disciplinary actions but how many employees did they force by announcing this at the last minute? Their reasoning for the pause on discipline is ONLY to cover their own butts. They are selfish and deserve none of our money. They must retract their mandate. PERIOD.

This will be an organized sign line protest. Each person will have a specific phrase that is part of a longer statement we are going to make about OhioHealth. We will be informing the people of Ontario what OhioHealth is doing, and encouraging them to switch providers to any other provider not enforcing mandates.

We will be holding our sign line from 2pm – 4pm. OhioHealth is in a low-traffic neighborhood, and since our message is targeted to the people of Mansfield we have chosen this location for it’s high traffic volume.

If you’d like to participate in the line please arrive at 2pm to receive your sign and position in the line. If you do not wish to participate but still want to come out and protest on the corner, please gather at Lexington-Springmill and 4th ave with your own signs! Our line will be extending up Lexington Springmill along the LOWES side. We found good parking between Charlie’s and the Chipotle, but there is plenty all around.

Please invite your friends! We had to re-schedule from last week because the wind was just too much and it kept people from coming out. We had a lot of people reading our information and honking in support!! Come be a part of this unique targeted protest!

CUYAHOGA: Ohioans Defending Freedom Meeting and Food Drive

Please join us on Monday, November 15th at at 6pm in Parma for this month’s meeting and food drive.

Our guest speakers will include Chris Blanco who will be teaching us about the affidavit process and Scott Andrews, who has worked with the Trump Team on his social media company Eaglefire and will be discussing election security and Big Tech. As always, the kitchen will be closed but the bar will be open.

This is also a food drive so please bring a non-perishable food item for donation if you can.

LORAIN: TEA meeting – 9/11 Never Forget & 2A

We have a great line-up for you this Saturday.

9/11 Never Forget
Speaker: Dakota Sawyer
August 14, 2021
TEA Meeting

Dakota is a dynamic speaker and totally engaged young man. He is the chairman of the Brunswick 9/11 Never Forget Committee (website: ) where they are building a memorial in Brunswick, Ohio for the 20th anniversary of the Sept 11th, 2001 attacks.
Dakota will be speaking about his efforts to make sure people never forget 9/11. Dakota has raised over $200,000 for the Brunswick 9/11 Memorial. Dakota will also talk about his efforts to make sure to include 9/11 as a state standard for Ohio schools. Dakota is a 17-year-old senior at Brunswick High School.


Second Amendment
Speaker: Jim Dowdell
August 14, 2021
TEA Meeting

Jim will be giving us a full update on the Second Amendment (to U.S. Constitution) topics. This will include updates about “2A Sanctuary cities, counties and states.”


Get briefing from the TEA committee that is focused on the actions and rhetoric of the Lorain County Health Department China virus masking and vaccine policies.

Time: 8:30 am Coffee and refreshments; 9 to 11 am Program
Location: Banquet Hall, 5300 Baumhart Road, Lorain, Ohio MAP
Cost: $5 (includes coffee & donuts), free admission for students & members


To access the links to this section, see full message here.
Please ATTEND Lorain County Commissioner Meetings. They are weekly on Wednesdays at 9:30 am, 226 Middle Avenue, Elyria.
READ News of Lorain County Commissioner meetings.
Sign-up sheets at August 14 TEA meeting (Meeting Assistance, Newspaper) GET active!
IMPORTANT Patriot Mail Project – SIGN cards at August 14 TEA meeting. They will be mailed to the January 6th political prisoners being held lawlessly in D.C. jail cells. SEE story here.
19 “Republican” Senators voted for the Anti-American Socialist “Infrastructure” Bill (video). WTPC calls on President Trump to abandon the Republican Party. MORE here.

Being mandated by employer or school to get the injection? These may be helpful to you.
Accomodation / Exemption Important Reminders – This includes links to forms and resources. Get here. (Note: This was prepared by June Gauss, one of our TEA members.)
Liberty Counsel memo against vaccination mandates – Get here.
Exemption form from China virus vaccines – Get here.

MONTGOMERY: Montgomery County Education (Indoctrination) On Your Dime

Join us for a lively evening with a panel of activists exploring the details of Critical Race Theory, the Whole Child Initiative , and other ‘catchy’ terms that are already at work in your school district canceling freedom. We want to equip you to stand against these seditious actors.

Your check is your reservation: $20.  MAIL CHECK PAYABLE TO: GDWRC, 1 Oakwood Ave. Box 242, Dayton OH 45409.

The $20.00 is for an excellent BBQ buffet and unlimited fountain drinks.  Cash bar is available.

FRANKLIN: Stand Up Against Mandatory Vaxx Protest

Moms Against DeWine welcomes all to come and stand with us against mandated experimental injections.

Make a sign and bring it with you and join us at the corner of E. Broad and McNaughton.

Sign messages should focus on pro-HB248, medical freedom, body autonomy, etc.

CUYAHOGA: Ohioans Defending Freedom Meeting & Food Drive

Please Join Us For Our Monthly Meeting on Monday, July 12.

  • Our keynote speaker for the evening will be candidate for 11th Congressional District, LaVerne Jones-Gore.
  • The meeting will be held at Fast Eddies in Parma.
  • The kitchen will be closed but the bar will be OPEN.
  • This is also a food drive so please bring a non-perishable food item for donation to the Cleveland Food Bank.

Looking forward to seeing many of you.

FRANKLIN: Asseveration of Emancipation Day

Get together at the OH statehouse on June 26 to peacefully protest against our tyrannical government.

It is the anniversary of the first nationwide gun legislation from 1934, which is very appropriate right now with all the new proposed gun ban legislation, as well as all of the restrictions on our rights of free speech and medical freedom we have suffered through.

Anyone is free to come and protest as they see fit.  If you would like to bring signs that is great.  The protest is against tyrannical government, so that includes gun laws, censorship, medical tyranny, lockdowns, business closures, taxation, etc.  Anywhere the government is controlling our lives is reason to protest.

Some possible slogans for signs could be:

  • We Will Not Comply;
  • All Gun Laws are Infringement;
  • Kick Out the Feds;
  • End Tyranny;
  • Taxation is Extortion, etc.

Let’s get as many people to the statehouse as possible to show that we are tired of the government being involved in every aspect of our lives.

Several of us have YouTube channels that speak freedom, liberty, and what the Constitution means.  Check out the YouTube channels of our friends.  See list below.

Here are YouTube pages of some members of our group so you can see what we stand for and hopefully can help us peacefully spread the message that the USA was about every individual being free to do what makes them happy, as opposed to free to do what we are told today.

YouTube pages:

Freedom Inc:

Patriotic Constitutionalist:

Dry Fire Faith:

Nelson Militia:

Redbone Smith:

Liberty Williams:

Lauren M:


Definition of Asseveration:  n. Positive affirmation or assertion;  solemn declaration.  This word is not, generally, if ever, used for a declaration under an official oath, but for a declaration accompanied with solemnity.

Definition of Asseverate: v. To affirm or aver positively, or with solemnity.

(Source of definitions:  American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster, 1828)

CLERMONT: Patriot America

Preserving Freedom. Empowering People. Changing the Nation.
Learn your rights as an American citizen.
Restoring freedom beginning at the local level.
Free giveaways, additional merchandise available – simple TOOLS to equip everyone to pass on the message of freedom.

Educational opportunities:  

  • Learn the Constitution.
  • Learn which local elected office positions will be on the next election ballot.
  • Training on how to run successfully for these local elected office positions.