MONTGOMERY: Montgomery County Education (Indoctrination) On Your Dime

Join us for a lively evening with a panel of activists exploring the details of Critical Race Theory, the Whole Child Initiative , and other ‘catchy’ terms that are already at work in your school district canceling freedom. We want to equip you to stand against these seditious actors.

Your check is your reservation: $20.  MAIL CHECK PAYABLE TO: GDWRC, 1 Oakwood Ave. Box 242, Dayton OH 45409.

The $20.00 is for an excellent BBQ buffet and unlimited fountain drinks.  Cash bar is available.

FRANKLIN: Stand Up Against Mandatory Vaxx Protest

Moms Against DeWine welcomes all to come and stand with us against mandated experimental injections.

Make a sign and bring it with you and join us at the corner of E. Broad and McNaughton.

Sign messages should focus on pro-HB248, medical freedom, body autonomy, etc.

CUYAHOGA: Ohioans Defending Freedom Meeting & Food Drive

Please Join Us For Our Monthly Meeting on Monday, July 12.

  • Our keynote speaker for the evening will be candidate for 11th Congressional District, LaVerne Jones-Gore.
  • The meeting will be held at Fast Eddies in Parma.
  • The kitchen will be closed but the bar will be OPEN.
  • This is also a food drive so please bring a non-perishable food item for donation to the Cleveland Food Bank.

Looking forward to seeing many of you.

FRANKLIN: Asseveration of Emancipation Day

Get together at the OH statehouse on June 26 to peacefully protest against our tyrannical government.

It is the anniversary of the first nationwide gun legislation from 1934, which is very appropriate right now with all the new proposed gun ban legislation, as well as all of the restrictions on our rights of free speech and medical freedom we have suffered through.

Anyone is free to come and protest as they see fit.  If you would like to bring signs that is great.  The protest is against tyrannical government, so that includes gun laws, censorship, medical tyranny, lockdowns, business closures, taxation, etc.  Anywhere the government is controlling our lives is reason to protest.

Some possible slogans for signs could be:

  • We Will Not Comply;
  • All Gun Laws are Infringement;
  • Kick Out the Feds;
  • End Tyranny;
  • Taxation is Extortion, etc.

Let’s get as many people to the statehouse as possible to show that we are tired of the government being involved in every aspect of our lives.

Several of us have YouTube channels that speak freedom, liberty, and what the Constitution means.  Check out the YouTube channels of our friends.  See list below.

Here are YouTube pages of some members of our group so you can see what we stand for and hopefully can help us peacefully spread the message that the USA was about every individual being free to do what makes them happy, as opposed to free to do what we are told today.

YouTube pages:

Freedom Inc:

Patriotic Constitutionalist:

Dry Fire Faith:

Nelson Militia:

Redbone Smith:

Liberty Williams:

Lauren M:


Definition of Asseveration:  n. Positive affirmation or assertion;  solemn declaration.  This word is not, generally, if ever, used for a declaration under an official oath, but for a declaration accompanied with solemnity.

Definition of Asseverate: v. To affirm or aver positively, or with solemnity.

(Source of definitions:  American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster, 1828)

CLERMONT: Patriot America

Preserving Freedom. Empowering People. Changing the Nation.
Learn your rights as an American citizen.
Restoring freedom beginning at the local level.
Free giveaways, additional merchandise available – simple TOOLS to equip everyone to pass on the message of freedom.

Educational opportunities:  

  • Learn the Constitution.
  • Learn which local elected office positions will be on the next election ballot.
  • Training on how to run successfully for these local elected office positions.

LAKE: Critical Race Theory/Pro-life

Learn what is going on in the schools, how to help and get questions answered. Speakers are people working hard for this cause.  Want to help pro-life in Ohio and know what is happening? Our speaker will inform you how and answer questions.

CUYAHOGA: Cleveland Resistance

TONIGHT!! 7pm at Mary Queen of Peace Church 4423 Pearl Rd. Cleveland. (Parish Hall) All invited! ProLife Activist Pastor Walter Moss speaking, food, also…How to drink clean water from a creek! Praise the Lord. Hope to see YOU TONIGHT (Wednesday June 16th) Good Times!

HAMILTON: Seeing 2020 Movie

Please join us to watch the movie Seeing 2020. We have special guest speakers Dr. Laffay and Dr. Frank.
We have 2 screenings available. One at 5pm and one at 8pm.

HAMILTON: Seeing 2020 Movie

Please join us to watch the movie Seeing 2020. We have special guest speakers Dr. Laffay and Dr. Frank.
We have 2 screenings available. One at 5pm and one at 8pm.

End of the Country? CALL today to STOP H.R. 1



All Americans need to call or email their Senators today, tomorrow and Thursday (March 30-31, April 1, 2021) TO DEFEAT H.R. 1! 

H.R. 1, which is before the U.S. Senate, is the final culmination of the Leftist’s dream of forcing all of us under one party Democrat – Leftist rule.  This bill will lead to tyrants in Washington, D.C. telling all Americans how to live every aspect of their lives.  In essence, H.R. 1 will make America look like California – a one-party state where nearly half the citizens have no voice in their own governance.

In a nutshell, H.R. 1 takes the responsibility for running our elections away from the states and giving it to the federal government.  Among other things, it makes vote harvesting legal, it makes cleaning up the voter database for people who have moved or died harder and, MOST EGREGIOUSLY, it will lead to millions of illegal aliens and non-citizen residents being registered to vote In our elections! 


HERE IS WHAT YOU MUST DO: CALL the following Senators

(Note:  It is simple.  You just need to leave a voicemail message.)

  • Defend the filibuster and defeat H.R. 1:

Two Democrat Senators are key to preserving the Senate filibuster*:

  1. CALL Sen. Joe Manchin (West Virgina) 202-224-3954
  2. CALL Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona): 202-224-4521

Also CALL the Ohio and GOP Senators and tell them to take out all the stops to defeat H.R. 1 at all costs!

  1. CALL Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio), 202-224-3353
  2. CALL Sen. Sherrod Brown (Ohio), 202-224-2315,
  3. CALL Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), 202-224-2541,…

Find suggested call script below.

*The filibuster is a tactic used in the U.S. Senate to block or delay action on a bill or other measure.  A filibustering senator may endlessly debate an issue, or use any other means to obstruct or prevent action. The Senate can overcome a filibuster if it invokes cloture — a vote by 60 members of the Senate to place a 30-hour time limit on consideration of a bill.  Eliminating the filibuster would allow all legislation, including H.R. 1, to pass the senate with a simple majority vote.

More information on H.R. 1, go to these links.

Tom ‘Z’ Zawistowski, We the People Convention, has more information on HR 1, which can be found here ( You can also view Tom’s March 27 podcast, which covers HR1 and much more, here (


Suggested CALL Script – Leave a voicemail message.

This is (your name), and I’m one of the tens of millions of people in this country who support the Constitution and the liberties and freedoms that it represents. Forcing fundamental changes upon our country by a simple majority vote is un-American, and I respectfully implore you to preserve the Senate filibuster to prevent that from happening with H.R. 1.

The pending H.R. 1 bill is misnamed for “For the People Act of 2021”.  This bill is about the federal government imposing its will over the people — not representing the people.  As a sovereign citizen, I sincerely ask you to preserve our country by preventing this legislation from becoming law.

Now is your chance to prove who you represent. May God give you the courage to do the right thing.

Thank you.


This applies to the WHOLE United States of America so share this article with ALL of your friends.

(Please leave the voicemails for the senators.)

For those on Facebook here is the link to view and share inside of Facebook

Download Call to Action:  Stop-H.R.-1.pdf