RICHLAND: A Conversation with Stephanie Stock

Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom (OAMF) president Stephanie Stock will be joining us for our bi-monthly meeting! Stephanie has been fighting for medical freedom in Ohio for many many years and she is an expert on the topic.

We are honored that she is coming to speak with us and we will be discussing topics of how to pass legislation, our fight for hb248, and finding people to run for office. There are a lot of hurdles we must surpass but we are WARRIORS! We hope that our meeting will inspire you and move us forward on the mission to protect medical freedom in Ohio.

We have been developing a script for finding Liberty minded businesses, inquiring if they’re hiring, and finding out if their owners are interested in running for office. There are so many positions that need filled across the state. We’ll be doing a mini training session on how to use the script and fill in the master spreadsheets for our area.

We will also be discussing some potential leads we have found in Richland County!

Our event will be held at Healthy Transformations in downtown Mansfield! Light snacks and water provided. Please RSVP to the Facebook event so we can get a headcount for seating arrangements!

CUYAHOGA: 2021 Strongsville GOP Clam Bake

Strongsville GOP Clam Bake Benefiting the Strongsville VFW Unmet Needs Fund – goes directly to Vets in dire need. Special guest this year will be Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert!
September 13th at Strongsville VFW Outdoor Pavilion 17900 Strongsville Blvd, Strongsville, OH 44149
– Live Music
– Free food for the kids
– Price includes one Clam Bake
– One Dozen Middle Neck Clams
– 1/2 Fresh Chicken
– Ear of Sweet Corn
– Sweet Potato
– Clam Chowder
– Roll & Butter
– Butter for Clams
$76 per person, $140 per couple, $528 for table of 8

End of the Country? CALL today to STOP H.R. 1



All Americans need to call or email their Senators today, tomorrow and Thursday (March 30-31, April 1, 2021) TO DEFEAT H.R. 1! 

H.R. 1, which is before the U.S. Senate, is the final culmination of the Leftist’s dream of forcing all of us under one party Democrat – Leftist rule.  This bill will lead to tyrants in Washington, D.C. telling all Americans how to live every aspect of their lives.  In essence, H.R. 1 will make America look like California – a one-party state where nearly half the citizens have no voice in their own governance. Continue reading “End of the Country? CALL today to STOP H.R. 1”