POSTPONED TO A FUTURE DATE – DELAWARE: Summer Social and Freedom Fundraiser for MAFA – Food Trucks, Live Music, Family Fun!


Food Trucks, Live Music, & Family Fun with Make Americans Free Again

ABOUT THE EVENT: This outdoor summer fundraiser will include live music from Twisted Britches, a cash bar with craft beers and cocktails, three to five food trucks, indoor/outdoor seating space, sand volleyball, yard games, and fun for the kids. Bring your lawn chairs and come celebrate with us! Please help us spread the word by inviting friends and family who love freedom and food trucks!

Tickets available NOW via Eventbrite!
(To find our event, search “Summer Social and Fundraiser” in Delaware, OH in the Eventbrite app or website, or visit – copy paste the link into your browser search if it is not clickable.)

Ticket Price Includes:
– $10 food voucher (to be applied toward any food item)
– Live band and entertainment
– Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages
– Donation to MAFA

ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION: In July 2020, Make Americans Free Again (MAFA) set out to establish a community that is united in offering practical and actionable solutions to the COVID-19 debacle, as well as preventing similar situations in the future. Our primary objective is to raise money to continue federal and state litigation against the perpetrators of this medical tyranny and restriction of freedom. Our other causes include supporting local businesses who have struggled to stay open throughout this ordeal and provide educational resources for parents to help protect their children from the draconian and psychologically-damaging measures practiced by most learning institutions. Please visit for additional information.

ABOUT THE VENUE: The Food Truck Depot is a 150-year-old former train station freight depot in Delaware, Ohio that has been turned into a fun, family-friendly environment where you can stop by and enjoy great food, great drinks, and have fun with the whole family. Limited parking is available on-site and two other nearby locations. Look for signs and/or volunteers for direction. Additional information is available at

FRANKLIN: Asseveration of Emancipation Day

Get together at the OH statehouse on June 26 to peacefully protest against our tyrannical government.

It is the anniversary of the first nationwide gun legislation from 1934, which is very appropriate right now with all the new proposed gun ban legislation, as well as all of the restrictions on our rights of free speech and medical freedom we have suffered through.

Anyone is free to come and protest as they see fit.  If you would like to bring signs that is great.  The protest is against tyrannical government, so that includes gun laws, censorship, medical tyranny, lockdowns, business closures, taxation, etc.  Anywhere the government is controlling our lives is reason to protest.

Some possible slogans for signs could be:

  • We Will Not Comply;
  • All Gun Laws are Infringement;
  • Kick Out the Feds;
  • End Tyranny;
  • Taxation is Extortion, etc.

Let’s get as many people to the statehouse as possible to show that we are tired of the government being involved in every aspect of our lives.

Several of us have YouTube channels that speak freedom, liberty, and what the Constitution means.  Check out the YouTube channels of our friends.  See list below.

Here are YouTube pages of some members of our group so you can see what we stand for and hopefully can help us peacefully spread the message that the USA was about every individual being free to do what makes them happy, as opposed to free to do what we are told today.

YouTube pages:

Freedom Inc:

Patriotic Constitutionalist:

Dry Fire Faith:

Nelson Militia:

Redbone Smith:

Liberty Williams:

Lauren M:


Definition of Asseveration:  n. Positive affirmation or assertion;  solemn declaration.  This word is not, generally, if ever, used for a declaration under an official oath, but for a declaration accompanied with solemnity.

Definition of Asseverate: v. To affirm or aver positively, or with solemnity.

(Source of definitions:  American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster, 1828)

ASHLAND: Flag Day/Trump Flag Wave

Join us for a celebration of Flag Day and President Trump’s Birthday…bring your flags and signs! This is a celebration and not an anti-anyghing so please, no offensive flags/signs.

Ashland Corner Park is located at Claremont Avenue and Main Street.

Free Ohio Now Leader Speaks at “Unifying Ohio for Liberty Rally”

Free Ohio Now (FON) was honored to participate in Unifying Ohio for Liberty Rally at the Ohio Statehouse on the afternoon of Saturday, August 29. The rally was sponsored by the group Unifying Ohio, which formed in response to the unconstitutional shutdown and face mask mandate much in same way as FON was formed back in March.

There was a modest, but very enthusiastic crowd, and there were several terrific speakers including Ohio Representatives John Becker, who introduced articles of impeachment against Governor DeWine last week in the Ohio House, and Candice Keller, who is a co-sponsor of the articles of impeachment. Both Representatives drove home the point Governor DeWine violated the Ohio Constitution in several ways including by the cancelling the March 17, 2020 election as well as the Governor’s refusal to rein in the Ohio Department of Health, which clearly violated the law in shutting down the Ohio economy. As the articles of impeachment were read off, the crowd cheered in response.

Among many others speaking at the event, was ‘Mo’ from The Walk Away Movement and he gave a very powerful talk about his evolution from being a gang member in LA, who hated whites, to understanding individualism, personal responsibility and that the Democrat Party only cares Continue reading “Free Ohio Now Leader Speaks at “Unifying Ohio for Liberty Rally””

Intersecting Rallies at Statehouse Precursor for Fall Campaigns

Over the July 18 weekend, several members of Free Ohio Now (FON) went to Columbus to meet up with 100’s of enthusiastic, like-minded Ohioans to push back against the mask mandate and to exercise our rights to protest! What brought us all together at the Ohio Statehouse were two separate rallies: ‘Anti-Mask Civil Disobedience Rally’, which was immediately followed by the ‘Stand for America Against Terrorists and Tyrants’ rally and was sponsored by the Ohio Patriot Action Network.

During the Civil Disobedience rally, Dave D., one of our FON county leaders, to center stage to lead the crowd in chants and to talk about and reinforce how our Constitutional rights are being violated by the mask mandate. Dave also handed his megaphone over to many others in the

crowd so they, too, could talk about important issues to those in attendance. Through Dave’s efforts, the rally was a success!

The ‘Stand for America Against Terrorists and Tyrants’ rally was well attended and many people spoke about their personal experience with the shutdown and issues wearing masks. Several candidates for political office, regular Ohioans and at least one medical professional spoke at the event. Tom Hach, FON, spoke to the rally about the importance Continue reading “Intersecting Rallies at Statehouse Precursor for Fall Campaigns”

No Masks, Don’t Ask

Painesville, OH – You don’t have to wait for someone else to organize an anti-mask rally.  You can get together with people you know and do it yourself!!

On Friday, July 10, some anti-mask activists had a Peaceful Flash Protest outside the Lake County Administrative Offices.  Lake County does not currently have a mask mandate, but concerned members of the community wanted to let their elected and appointed officials know that the science does not support mandatory masks and that the consequences of wearing masks (accumulation of carbon dioxide, microbes accumulating on masks, etc.) have their own risks.  Start taking the reins yourself on activities which push back against unconstitutional, unwarranted and scientifically unsupported actions by state and local officials!

Rally Around Ohio to Commemorate Memorial Day

Cleveland, Ohio, May 19, 2020 – Free Ohio Now announces Memorial Day Remembrance Rallies! With many public Memorial Day Remembrance events canceled across Ohio this year, Free Ohio Now strongly believes honoring the memory of those Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our Constitutional rights, individual freedoms, and way of life is too important to pass without tribute.

To honor our fallen soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors, peaceful rallies will be held in counties across Ohio this Saturday, May 23 at 1:00 pm or at specific afternoon hours as arranged by individual counties. People attending the rallies are asked to bring American flags, to dress in red, white and blue and to make signs to honor our fallen. Check for details on what’s happening in each county.


In a statement by Tom Hach, Free Ohio Now Core Team member: “The sacrifices made by over 1.4 Million Americans since the founding of our country to defend our freedoms is observed every year, and this year should NOT be any different. Every man and woman who died in the cause of defending freedom confronted the horror of battle and every Ohioan should recognize the great cost of liberty and the gifts of individual selfless valor that have shaped America.” Please participate in honoring our fallen heroes by attending a county rally on Saturday, May 23 and by observing a moment of silence on Monday, May 25.


Free Ohio Now demands a better future for Ohio!

  • Rescind the State of Emergency Order and the Safe (Stay) at Home Order in Ohio immediately.

  • Release all Coronavirus data and cease all contact tracing efforts.

  • Open all Ohio businesses now and without restrictions.

  • Continue with in-person voting in November, 2020, and beyond.

  • Pass laws to prevent unconstitutional statewide quarantines of healthy individuals.

Free Ohio Now strongly believes enough is now known about the at-risk segments of the population who are most vulnerable to Coronavirus, including the elderly and those with already compromised health, to show continuing the State of Emergency and Safe (Stay) at Home Orders for the general public are no longer justified. These sanctions need to be lifted immediately for all low-risk Ohioans so they can achieve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as they see fit!

48 Hours Until Rally Around Ohio #2

Are you done with the governor’s and his unelected health director along with droves of bureaucrats in Columbus controlling your life and controlling the media. Stop the manipulating we say.


Join your fellow Ohioans for one hour this Saturday, May 16, at 1:00 pm to send another message to your fellow citizens. Do they know they are being played.

Need ideas for messages to put on your sign? Here are a few.

Sign board costs 88 cents at national retailer. Grab a piece today and get your message ON!

FIND your nearest county protest location here.

Get latest updates of protests here.

Rally Around Ohio Beyond Expectations

Ohio – Thank you to all who attended the Rally Around Ohio events held throughout the state today, Saturday, May 9th.  Without your participation in the rallies, Columbus would not know the level of frustration in all corners of the State with the stay-at-home order and the resulting stalled economy!  Search the internet using key words ‘Rally Around Ohio’ and look at all of the coverage!  If Gov. DeWine and Dr. Acton did not get our collective message, it is because they do not care to hear it!

Free Ohio Now’s Rally Around Ohio coordinator wants to thank the 34 volunteer county coordinators and their local support teams for pulling together their events on such short notice.  From start to finish, the Rally Around Ohio event was planned and successfully conducted IN JUST 9 DAYS!  The fact that so much was accomplished so quickly is a tribute to the dedication and talent of the county event coordinators.  These county leaders should also be praised for their dedication to restoring the rights of the people of Ohio, for wanting to help their unemployed neighbors by encouraging the immediate opening of all Ohio’s business, and for their desire to ensure that all government data is released so an honest assessment of the crisis can be made of the actions of our elected and appointed officials.

Thank you again for all you do in the name of liberty and freedom!

We will have a full report on the Rally Around Ohio once we get the reports in from the counties.  

Thank you again for an unbelievable multi-county rally yesterday! Free Ohio Now defends the Bill of Rights for every Ohioan against local and state government overreach by advocating freedom and personal responsibility. 

Caption for image: Lorain County protesters listen to speakers before heading out to wave flags and their handmade signs at busy intersection in Avon, Ohio.