32 Counties in Rally Around Ohio

The Rally Around Ohio is only two days away!  You won’t believe us when we say we came up with the idea late at night just seven days ago.  Credit for it’s anticipated success goes to each and every Ohioan who doesn’t want to trade their liberty for a little security. You are as perturbed as we are over the actions by the governor and his unelected health director and you are joining with each other to redress your grievances as preserved in the first amendment. 

We appreciate the energy of many jumping on board to lead and attend protest rallies in their respective Ohio counties, 32 at last count.  Unbelievable.  32 in 7 days!  We are as determined as you are to get our voices heard.  Part of making that happen is thinking about your message and delivering it.

Make a sign

Today is a good day to MAKE the signs you plan to take to the rally nearest you if you haven’t already done so.  “All businesses are essential”,  “Poverty is deadly”, “Free Ohio Now”, “No Paycheck for Us, No Paycheck for You”, “You can’t quarantine the Constitution”, “Reverse stay-at-some order” plus several more sign wording ideas can be found here

Invite a friend

Take a look at your contact list and invite a couple friends to join you at the Rally Around Ohio this Saturday, May 9.

County Rally Locations – May 9 Here are the counties with protest-rallies that we know about and have listed on FreeOhioNow.com.  Adams, Butler, Champaign, Clermont, Columbiana, Cuyahoga, Delaware, Erie, Fairfield, Franklin, Geauga, Greene, Guernsey, Hardin, Jackson, Jefferson, Lake, Lorain, Lucas, Marion, Medina, Meigs, Miami, Monroe, Muskingum, Ottawa, Portage, Preble, Stark, Summit, Warren and Wood.

Locations, start times and county contacts and emails are supplied by clicking the red button above.  All protests – rallies are taking place on Saturday, May 9, but times do vary slightly amongst the locations.  Click the ‘Show More’ button at the listing page for any additional details supplied by the volunteer county leader.  Again, a BIG THANK YOU goes out to the county leaders!!

Take pictures on Rally Day Take pictures and video at your county rally and share them on your social media and with us.  We’d like to post some on Free Ohio Now social media and website.

Communicate with us on Rally Day Get ready.  Make sure your cellphone battery is charged.  We want to hear from you on Rally Day.  Follow us on your favorite social media.      Email:  freeohionow88@gmail.com      Website:  FreeOhioNow.com      Facebook:  @FreeOhioNow      Twitter:  @now_ohio      Use Twitter Hashtag:  #freeohionow

May God bless you and your family, your community, the State of Ohio and the United States of America!For Liberty, Free Ohio Now Team


Free Ohio Now defends the Bill of Rights for every Ohioan against local and state government overreach by advocating freedom and personal responsibility.

Rally Around Ohio


Ohioans have had enough of the governor’s and the health director’s stay-at-home orders. They need to go back to work. They want to go back to work. This Saturday, May 9, we’ll be outside on the sidewalks in locations all around the state. We need to let the governor and the health director know that we are done with their models and fear-mongering.


It is time to stand up.

It is time to speak out.

Join the Rally Around Ohio.

Date: Saturday, May 9, 2020

Time: 1:00 to 2:00 pm

Place: Your local county

We will be posting locations of the protest rallies here on the www.freeohionow.com website as we hear back from volunteers who are determining where they will be held in their respective counties.

Looking for more county locations

Want to host a protest rally as part of Rally Around Ohio in your county? Do not hesitate. You need to do this and you can. Send an email to thomas.hach@eaglefiremail.com right now and let him know the location where you plan to protest including your county.