ASHLAND: Flag Day/Trump Flag Wave

Join us for a celebration of Flag Day and President Trump’s Birthday…bring your flags and signs! This is a celebration and not an anti-anyghing so please, no offensive flags/signs.

Ashland Corner Park is located at Claremont Avenue and Main Street.

Free Ohio Now Organizes Trump Trains and Trump Waves

Cleveland, Ohio – Since its founding earlier this year, Free Ohio Now has worked tirelessly to promote the rule of law and to restore the rights of Ohioans under the Ohio and Federal Constitutions. We did this by organizing and promoting rallies against the

unconstitutional March shutdown, advocating for the regular start of school in Ohio as well as for in-person voting on election day, November 3.

In essence, Free Ohio Now is ‘Fighting the New Normal’, and every aspect of this fight has a political dimension to it, and all of them are impacted by the upcoming presidential election on November 3. Although there are two major candidates running for president, the team at Free Ohio Now have tried to take the personalities out of the equation and looked at where the parties would take our country. Based on our belief in individual rights, individual responsibility and that the rule of law should be applied equally, we are of the opinion the Republican platform best aligns with our principles.

JOIN US: To support the implementation of the Republican platform, Free Ohio Now will work through our network of leaders in counties throughout Ohio to organize Trump Trains and Trump sign and flag waving events from now through November 3. Trump Trains are convoys of cars and trucks which are decked out with Trump flags and positive messages which then travel around their respective counties to increase enthusiasm for President Trump and ultimately for the Republican platform. Beyond promoting its own events, Free Ohio Now will actively promote Trump events organized by other people or groups. Times and dates of these events can be found at, which should be reviewed regularly to get the latest information.

Free Ohio Now asks that all rally participants to use their personal discretion in adhering to recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines. This is especially important for those who may be at high-risk.

Ohio Valley: Trump Train a Success Story

On Saturday, August 22, the good people of the Ohio Valley KICKED the Trump Train Season off in spectacular fashion! The Trump Fans were out in force with well over 300 vehicles participating in the rolling Trump reelection campaign on wheels! The organizers were initially hoping for 100 vehicles, but, even though more than three times as many showed up, they planned ahead and picked large parks at both the starting and ending locations which could hold many more attendees than expected.

The nearly 17-mile route showed the Trump flag in many cities including: Yorkville, Tiltonsville, Rayland, Martins Ferry, Bridgeport and St. Clairsville. As this virtual land armada made its way through the cities, law enforcement, who had been contacted before hand, stopped cross-traffic to allow the procession to continue on its way! Many people lined the road, especially in the cities and towns, and well over 90% of the people along the route were pro-Trump supporters giving thumbs-up signs, cheering and generally joining in the celebration! The event ended with a program which included prayers and comments by local officials.

VIDEO: Click here to view the Ohio Valley Trump Train on the Free Ohio Now Facebook page.

More events are planned in the Ohio Valley, so check out on regular basis to keep up with what’s going on!

The Ohio Valley Trump Train was truly a success and we hope it will be copied elsewhere, but most Trump Trains are not going to be on this scale. Believe it or not, a Trump Train of just 3 to 5 cars going through the neighborhoods in your county can be effective too! In a community with many cul-de-sacs, a large Trump Train could not get through, but a smaller Trump Train can get in and out without a problem taking the Trump message directly to the people. See for more information and tips regarding Trump Trains and/or drop us a line at when you want to do your part to preserve America and reelect President Trump.


Jump on the Trump Train tomorrow, 4 p.m. in Yorkville, Ohio

4:00 pm All Aboard the largest Trump Train planned in Ohio on August 22. Over 100 cars expected to join. Line up location is Warren Township Park in Yorkville, Ohio.

This Trump Train will travel through six cities throughout Jefferson and Belmont Counties. Watch for them coming through Yorkville, Tiltonsonville, Rayland, Martin’s Ferry, Bridgeport and St. Clairsville. Talk about fun.

The Trump Train will have police escort and Ohio State Patrol escort throughout their rally route. Check out the video here.

There’ll be food too. Tim will be at the line-up point from 11 am a.m. on with his Pasta Bowl food truck.

There are rallies involving 25 counties tomorrow. Look for one closest to you here.

Get your signs read today. Put your flags out on your house tomorrow. Get to a rally near you. Think of it as giving one hour for freedom and liberty.

Can the United States hold itself together? Continue reading “Jump on the Trump Train tomorrow, 4 p.m. in Yorkville, Ohio”