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CALENDAR of EVENTS Many people come here to get information about upcoming liberty events and meetings in Ohio. Our 2022 Calendar List has MOVED!! You can now find it at Ohio Freedom Action Network. CLICK HERE. It is a great resource to get plugged in with other concerned citizens in your geographic area.

MAILING LIST Sign up HERE today. We send out important information, including event announcements, about protecting our God-given freedoms a couple times per month.

Thank you for all you do to support freedom in Ohio.


Recently a Political Action Committee (PAC) was formed called Free Ohio PAC, and this group has begun messaging regarding the Ohio governor’s race. There is no connection or affiliation between Free Ohio Now and Free Ohio PAC. Free Ohio Now has not and will not make any political endorsements during the 2022 Primary Election cycle.

Free Ohio Now Core Team, March 30, 2022